Thrown off the Band Wagon

Hi.  Don’t shoot me.  But.  I gained weight.

It’s not because I got lazy or gluttonous or forgot about my promise to document my weight loss journey.  It’s because of…things.

Thing 1:

I get stressed.  I eat.  Stress food is not kale or smoothies.  Stress food is Fudge Rounds and Dr. Pepper.  I also realize I would probably have a little more mental clarity if I just ate healthy stuff.  This is something I am working on!

Thing 2:

Eating healthy (which for me, is raw vegan) means eating a lot.  Fruits and veggies aren’t cheap.  When I am diligent about my “diet,”  I can burn through my whole supply of fruit in a few days.  After that, I despise going to spend more money at the grocery store or farmer’s market on more expensive fruit.  However, investing in my health now is definitely cheaper than eating cheap junk, and paying the consequences (read: doctor/hospital bills) later.  I am working on this as well!

Thing 3:

This is the big one.  I can handle Things 1 & 2, but this particular Thing is beyond my control.  I am a nursing mommy.  When I started this “diet,” my milk supply went way down.  I don’t really understand why that happened, but it did.  Also, after a day of eating pretty healthy and increasing my water intake, I began to break out.  That’s to be expected as our bodies start to detox, but I know if toxins are escaping through my skin, they’re also likely to be getting in my milk.

Thing 3 is really what contributed most to Thing 1.  I want to lose weight, and I know I have the willpower to do it!  The thought of having to stop breastfeeding, though, is pretty scary to me.  I don’t want anything I’m doing for myself to harm my baby.

Conclusion:  I’m going to need to slow down.  I can’t quit everything cold turkey or my dwindling milk supply is going to be riddled with toxins.

New plan:  Replace snacks with smoothies for a few days, and drink lots of water.  After detox has ceased, I’ll replace a meal with a raw vegan one.

Have any of you nursing mothers experienced this?  What did you?  Halp?


2 thoughts on “Thrown off the Band Wagon

  1. Sounds like a pretty good plan… and you just may have to adjust the raw vegan to something like vegetarian for a while. It takes extra calories to nurse, and I love that you are dedicated to nurse Lincoln 🙂 . So, nope, I haven’t had experience with eating raw vegan and nursing, but I just wanted to say your plan sounds like a good one. Do not be so hard on yourself, and perhaps doing a modified plan will be needed.And, that would still be very healthy… BTW… Love You!!

    • Thank you! I probably need to make a new post, but I’ve changed my plan a little (again). lol Since eating healthy at all has decreased my supply, I’ve decided to include as many lactogenic foods in my smoothies as possible. So far, that means oatmeal, stone fruits, and leafy greens. I really think it is important to nurse my baby, but I am also having a very difficult time dealing with my weight gain and self esteem. Sounds selfish, but it really effects every aspect of my life! I need to eat healthy to be a better mommy to my children. If in doing my darnedest to be healthy and still breastfeed Lincoln fails, at least I know I nursed him during his first 4 months of life. That is one month longer than I nursed Squid!

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