Bijou Baby Gear AI2 Cloth Diaper Review

Bijou Baby Gear Diaper

I was recently given the opportunity to review an up and coming cloth diaper brand – Bijou Baby Gear.  I could tell just by looking at her shop that store owner Jaime was a skilled cloth diaper maker.  Even with my already high expectations, I was still somehow shocked at the amazing quality when I received the diaper.  She currently makes fitteds and AI2’s.  I received an AI2 to review.  Honestly, it is the best quality diaper I have in my stash.  It is so soft and squishy!


I wanted to include this close-up so you can see the quality for yourself.  As a seamstress myself, I can assure you, this stitching is qualiteh!


Here’s my favorite part!  There are 2 snap-in soakers included (I took the bottom one out so you can see).  But look!  No snaps touch baby’s skin!  The top soaker is made up of three layers of bamboo/organic cotton fleece, and is topped with a stay-dry layer of microfleece.  The doubler is made an additional four layers of bamboo/organic cotton fleece.  This is seriously like wrapping your baby’s bottom in a soft, squishy blanket.  I was tempted to pitch every last one of our back-up disposables after using this.  Why would I want to wrap my baby in a weird paper/plastic concoction when I could use something luxurious like this?


These diapers are sized, which is not what I usually use.  Most of our diaper stash consists of one-size diapers.  I do think that sized diapers provide a better fit, though, and since there are no rise snaps to adjust, diaper changes are just that much quicker.


See?  Fits snugly around my baby’s chubby thighs without being too tight.  In fact, we had a pretty major poopsplosion shortly after taking this picture, and every last bit stayed inside the diaper where it belonged.


The only cons I found were that it is pretty bulky (which could be remedied by removing the doubler), and being a snap waist, it didn’t fit exactly how I would like around Wink’s tummy.  He is currently in between snaps on almost all of his diapers at the moment, though.  So, this isn’t the only one that we own with that issue.

I expected these to be pretty pricey, given the quality, but I was quite surprised to find that they’re extremely affordable!  Price varies depending on size, but they are, on average, about $20 each.  I had expected them to be about five to ten bucks more than that!  So, these are really a great value!

I had told myself, before receiving this diaper, that I wouldn’t write a gushing review.  I tend to think reviews like that aren’t entirely honest.  However, I couldn’t write an honest review for this brand without gushing.  Srsly, guise.  It’s pretty amazing.


So what’s on your baby’s butt?  Visit Bijou Baby Gear to get your own!

Psst!  Stick around for a week or two and you might find yourself winning one of these!  Shh!


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