Cloth Diapering 101: Fitteds and Covers (Part 4)

Fitted diapers work much like AIO’s except that they do not have a built-in waterproof layer.  For this reason, they require a cover of some sort to go over them.  I only have two fitted diapers in my stash.  I have found that they work quite well for us, but Wink looks sort of hilarious in them because they are so bulky.  Here are a few pictures to give you an idea of how this system works.

Fitted outer

fitted innerSo soft and squishy!  Here are a couple pics of a cover I have.

grovia cover

grovia cover inner


  • Function.  Super effective at containing messes.
  • Cute-ability.  Since the cover doesn’t need to be changed, you can put your babe in a cover that matches their outfit, and they can wear it all day.  Sometimes Wink’s pocket diapers clash pretty badly with his clothes.
  • Drying time.  You can dry fitteds in the dryer, which makes laundry day so much faster!


  • Diaper Rash.  Due to their lack of a stay-dry liner, babies in fitteds are more prone to get diaper rash.
  • Difficulty.  If you’ve got a wiggly little one, the last thing you’re going to want to do is diaper him or her twice in one sitting.

Cost:  The average fitted sells for about $11.  Covers are about $10.  Assuming you do 12 diaper changes a day, you’ll need about 24 fitteds and maybe 5 covers.  That’s an initial investment of $314.  Purchase one-size diapers, and you’re done until you little guy potty trains.  Using disposables, you’d spend that much in just 5 months.  Again, even after you factor in the cost of laundry, you’re still saving a ton of cash!

Do you use fitteds?  Which brand is your favorite?



One thought on “Cloth Diapering 101: Fitteds and Covers (Part 4)

  1. Great post. My favorite still remains the GMD’s workhorses. Have never had a problem with diaper rash, and my LO is a HEAVY wetter, especially at night. Occasionally we have to add a hemp doubler, but otherwise we love them. And they’re so so soft! I’ve owned a few Kissa’s, and honestly don’t know why everyone loves them so much, plus they’re expensive. Also love that the workhorses come snapless so I can get a custom fit with a snappi. For $5.50 for NB and $9.95 on all other sizes, they’re very affordable.

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