100% Effective, New and Improved Monster Spray!

You probably don’t know, but sometimes monsters get under our beds and in our closets.  They never bother anyone.  They’re not mean.  They just live there, and we don’t like it.  They’re cute really, but much like Mommies don’t like cute, furry mice living in their walls, kiddos don’t tend to like cute, furry monsters living under their beds.  Thankfully, these harmless beasts are easily deterred by one magical product.

Monster Spray

Monster Spray!

Now, I didn’t invent the stuff, but I did come up with my own recipe.  The problem is, I can’t tell you what’s in it!  Squid sometimes reads my blog posts over my shoulder, and if kids know what’s in Monster Spray, it just won’t work.  Magic is finicky like that sometimes.  But what I can tell you, is that my recipe for Monster Spray has two ingredients.  One is readily available via tap, and the other is sparkly (and irritates the daylights outta me because it. gets. everywhere).

After you mix up your spray and put it in a bottle, here’s what ya gotta do:

1.) Shake it up!  We can’t have all that sparkliness just sitting in the bottom of the bottle.

2.) Spritz once in each monster-infested area and at the bottom of all doors and windows.  They won’t be sneaking up on anybody now!

3.) Reapply once every 24 hours.

Squid just recently tearfully confessed to being afraid of monsters under her bed.  I wasn’t sure where she got that idea, but it broke this momma’s heart!  Since giving her the spray, she has confidently been playing in her room fear- and monster-free!


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