Cloth Diapering 101: AIO’s (Part 3)

All-in-One (or AIO) cloth diapers are similar to pockets, except that the absorbent layer is sewn in.  This makes them quite similar to disposables as far as prep goes.  There’s nothing to fold or stuff!  Wink does have one AIO, but I won’t be sharing pictures of that for this post.  He’s not feeling well, and this momma just doesn’t want to put him down to take pictures when he’s feeling that way.  But, a quick Google search will help you out there if you want to see some.


  • Easy to use.  A favorite of babysitters and grandparents, AIO’s are as simple to use as their disposable counterparts.
  • Portable.  AIO’s are even more portable than pockets.  There are no inserts or pieces to pack in your diaper bag.  Just grab the dipe and go!
  • Trim.  They tend to have a trimmer fit than some other styles, and therefore fit more easily under baby’s onesie.



  • Expensive.  While still more cost effective than disposables, AIO’s are the most expensive cloth diaper option available.
  • Drying Time.  The added bulk of having a sewn in absorbency layer makes these a bear to dry.  Make sure you have another day’s worth on hand while you wait!


Cost:  AIO’s are expensive, as far as cloth diapers go.  They typically sell for about $15-$25 each.  Assuming you use 12 diapers a day, you will need 24 AIO’s.  at $20/ea. that’s $480.  Disposable diapers, at $0.17/ea. using 12 a day, would cost you that much after just 7.5-8 months.  If you purchase one-size AIO’s, you won’t need to buy any more cloth diapers until your tot potty trains.

So, while all-in-one diapers may be more expensive than pockets or prefolds and covers, they are still more economical than disposables…even after you factor in the cost of running the washer and dryer!



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