10 Benefits of Babywearing

First of all, I would like to preface this post by saying that this is not meant to make anyone feel guilty.  I didn’t cloth diaper or wear our first child, and she turned out just fine.  Super smart, even!  There are several benefits to wearing your child, but people have been getting along just fine for many years without.  Do what’s right for you and yours!   Babywearing Collage  1. Speech development and communication skills.  Babies are little sponges.  Hearing you communicate with those around will make your child want to get in on the conversation!

2. Motor Skills Development.  Your constant movement – bending, twisting, and bouncing – activates the baby’s vestibular system, where their sense of balance is formed.  This system is most sensitive between the ages of 6 and 8 months, making babywearing especially beneficial during that time of their lives.

3. Convenience.  When we had Squid, our firstborn, I had to get a sitter anytime I wanted to go to the store.  Otherwise, she would scream the whole time I was shopping!  I have taken Wink grocery shopping in his car seat, and gotten similar results.  However, every time I’ve taken him in his Boba wrap, he falls asleep, and stays that way the whole time we’re there.  I get my shopping done without having to ask someone to watch him, and I don’t have to lug that heavy car seat into the store.  It also frees me from having to pack his stroller if we were to go somewhere else with him.  When he was a newborn, I was able to get lots done around the house while baby wearing too.  He has since, however, taken to crying while being worn if I’m not walking.  Most babies, though, love being worn regardless of whether they’re moving or staying still.

4. Comfort.  Babies have new experiences everyday.  These unfamiliar surroundings, people, and situations can make some babies uneasy – and understandably so!  Being held close to Mom (or Dad) can help comfort a child, and help ease them into these situations.  Your constant reassurance is likely to make them feel more confident and less fearful as they grow and become more independent.

5. Exercise. Let’s not beat around the bush.  Most of us come out of pregnancy a little squishier than we were nine months prior.  The added weight of wearing your baby will help those pounds come off a little quicker.

6. Prevents Postpartum Depression. Physical contact between mother and child has been proven to increase oxytocin levels in the mother.  This increase in oxytocin reduces the rate of postpartum depression in new moms.

7. Develop bonds with other family members. Babywearing allows other members of the baby’s family to develop a more intimate bond with them.

8. Breastfeeding. Many moms (myself included!) are apprehensive about nursing in public.  If you wear your baby in a sling or wrap, you can nurse your child more discreetly than you could with a cover.

9. Keeps strange hands at bay. Babies get lots of attention when you take them out in public!  Everyone always wants to pat or kiss the new tiny person.  That is fine with me if I know them, but I’m not okay with strangers touching my baby.  Wearing Wink in his wrap has put a stop to that altogether.

10. It’s just fun!  I love wearing Wink.  People are always a little more friendly when I do.  Plus, there are so many options available!  You can spend as much or as little on your carrier as you like.  My Boba wrap was only $30 new, but I have seen a few nice, hand woven wraps that sell for several hundred dollars!  There are so many styles, colors, and prints, you are bound to find something you love that works for you and your baby.


Do you babywear?  What kind of carrier do you have?  Comment and share below!


2 thoughts on “10 Benefits of Babywearing

  1. Chloe would let me wear her around and I did quite a bit, but Jonas hated it. He hated being confined in any way except the car seat (usually). I don’t know why, but he just was not happy being worn.

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