Applecheeks Cloth Diaper Review

I am still very new to cloth diapering, but I already have a couple of brands that I prefer love.  One of my absolute, most favoritest of all favorites is our AppleCheeks
diaper.  Alas, I have but only the one so far, but I do hope to remedy that in the future.

Applecheeks Cloth Diaper

This is the only diaper out of our stash that hasn’t leaked.  I was reluctant to even put this diaper on Wink in the first place.  I thought surely it would be too small.  We have a size 1, which fits 7-20 lbs.  Wink is well within that range, but it just seemed so much smaller on him than all his other diapers.  Maybe that’s why it works so well?  Maybe it’s magic?  Maybelline?  I don’t know, but I love it!  It’s trim, functional, and cute to boot!

One of the other benefits that comes with owning an Applecheeks diaper is the fact that I don’t have to remove the insert before putting it in the wash.  With our other cloth diapers, you really should remove the insert from the pocket before washing to ensure they’re being adequately cleaned.  Applecheeks, however, has designed their pockets so that the insert agitates out in the wash on its own.  The fewer poo and pee germs I have to handle, the better!

If my whole stash were made of AppleCheeks
dipes, I’d be one happy mamacita!

Do you use cloth diapers?  Which brand is your fave?

Disclosure – All opinions are my own.  I was not compensated in any way for the review of this product.  I receive a portion of the sales from items purchased through my affiliate link.


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