New Beginnings

There’s a new face at Yellow House!  Image

Squid, our firstborn, had the pleasure of welcoming her little brother, Wink, on May 7th of this year.  She is such a good big sister already, and this mommy doesn’t know what she’d do without her little helper!

Since Wink’s arrival, I have started trying my hand at implementing more natural forms of parenting into our lives.  I’m certainly not a “crunchy” mom by any means, but I have been breast feeding almost exclusively, babywearing whenever possible, and cloth diapering part time.  I would be using cloth diapers full time if I had enough in my stash!  

Keep half an eye here, and watch for informative (and fun!) posts on the aforementioned topics along with a few others that tickle my fancy (Sewing and photography, anyone?).  I may even host a giveaway or three! 

Stay tuned!



2 thoughts on “New Beginnings

  1. What did you just move the site from? You can grab those old posts and have them ‘ported over to WP pretty easily! Just search Google for an importer from whatever-blog-site-you-were-using to WordPress. (They tend to be plugins.)

    Aside from that, if you really want to know how to get stuff to review and do giveaways with, here’s the secret: Just ask. If you use a product or want to, contact the company. The worst they can do is say “no.” Generally they’re more than willing to work with you though! Be sure to make an easy contact form or email available on the site so companies that find you can contact you ASAP, because they WILL–especially since you do great photography! 😉

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